Compassion For Everything

Written and transcribed by Terry Grant.
I have transcribed and edited the following message from a talk Ishvara gave on December 6, 2015. -TG


When these two triangles – light, Life and love on the one hand, and fear, hate and greed on the other – come together, they form a star. And together they form compassion. So the most important thing you can apply to ‘they’, as ‘me’ – the ‘me’ you are – is compassion: Compassion for ‘they’, remembering that ‘we’ is made up of ‘me’. This means compassion for everything, and for yourself. If you have not compassion for yourself, you will be in deep trouble.

Have compassion for the energy field, the physical body, and the light. This compassion is a vibration that works in the realm of love, bringing these aspects together. It allows a merging into wholeness. And it places you in the proximity of the I Am, creating something more that transcends the lower-mind elements and frequencies that are so entangling in this world. It gives you a higher perspective.

The no-words that I use are vibrations of a very high-frequency. They contain healing, transformation, awareness, and information that are reprogramming the planet, along with your body. Every one of them has something of an impact, some more than others. They have a direct effect on the light body. Actually, they come from the light body, allowing the New Human to seat itself within this matrix of Life.

I know, you look for the New Human and you cannot see it. It is invisible. But it is present, and is doing the work it is designed to do. When you develop the senses to see, you will see it. Not before. For the intellect sees only what serves it. The intellect is still stuck in ‘we’, looking to divide itself against ‘they’. But when you move into compassion you realize I Am. The ‘they’ and the ‘we’ and the ‘me’ become I Am. Then the New Human comes into its rightful place as a planetary being, grounded through Life in nature, embraced by Mother, reaching out into the starry lights of heaven, and everything vibrates at a higher frequency. Now your intellect says, 'What drug is Ishvara on?' Well, I’ll tell you what drug I am on: Light. I get doses of light. Light that brings this awareness. The body starts vibrating at a higher frequency, and I begin to remember. At times I have to be reminded that I Am. Otherwise one gets caught in the drudgery of this existence, because it is so slow. It drags the frequency down to the mundane, and everything looks so real. The ‘they’ looks real. The ‘we’ looks so real. The ‘me’ looks so real. Yet the only thing that is real is the I Am.

The I Am is a constant light flowing, an evolving essence that has no solid form, but takes the shape of whatever is mind – higher mind, not lower mind. Higher mind Is-ness, It-ness, All-ness, Absoluteness, eternity-ness – all of them. Sounds like a trip, does it not? Well it is. It is the grandest trip one can imagine. It is beyond meditation. It is an embodiment of all that one could hope for in the wildest of dreams. It is beyond one's reality in any kind of existence. It is the embodiment of All, and it takes place right in the I Am-ness of Is-ness in the moment.

(To be continued next week).

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